STÄRK - [st?:rk] (the imperative of the Swedish word stärka [st?:rka]) v invigorate, brace, /to/ strengthen

Strength is one of the most important factors needed to succeed. You need to strengthen your beliefs, your mind and your body to reach your goals and expectations. STÄRK Fitness is Training as it should be, Personal and Individualised.

To achieve a functional, healthy and aesthetically pleasing body requires knowledge and goals. I will guide you in your quest to improve your quality of life. I have valuable knowledge about training, nutrition, goal setting, time-management and program planning.

What really sets STÄRK Fitness apart from those on the market is the work load. I do not take on more than 20 hours personal training per week. You will find many other trainers do 40-50 sessions on a week-to-week basis. STÄRK Fitness will provide you with a quality service in which you have my total focus.

When looking for a trainer it is important that you feel entirely confident and comfortable with your trainer and that is why we have the first consultation free of charge. You will be able to meet up with me and have a talk about your expectations, goals and history as well as ask any questions you might have before starting a new, healthier and more energized lifestyle.

Welcome to STÄRK Fitness