Hi Andreas, I was wondering how much is enough when it comes to exercise? Some people say to walk three times per week for at least an hour others that you can "collect" exercise through walking to work, take the stairs and so on. What are your thoughts? Thanks, Kenneth


Kenneth, There are as many exercise disscriptions as the are personal trainers. Of course "collecting" exercise is great if you currently doing nothing but your body will adapt to it really quick. I call this physical activity rather than exercise and I believe that all people should be physical active. The human body is meant to move. When it comes to exercise the easiest way to figure out where to start is to follow the F.I.T.T principle.(Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type).

First ask yourself how active you are? Then start changing one of the four variables. If you do not exercise at all, start at 3 sessions per week as frequency. Keep the intensity challenging but not to hard. (Aim to feel about 12-13 on the borg scale) Depending on fitness you might be able to handle about 20 min or more on this intensity. Don't over-do it.  Choose a type of exercise that you enjoy and easily can monitor.

This is your "base line" fitness program. Every one to two weeks try to increase one of the four variables with no more than 10%. This way you body will progress and so will your results.  Doing too much too soon is a big mistake a lot of people are doing but also not doing enough. Getting fit or loose weight is easier with a plan and measurable goal. If your aim is to loose weight or improve body composition I recommend using a DEXA scan. If you are living in Sydney you can contact body composition australia. Good luck with your exercise. 


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